If I was approached by a stranger and asked to participate in a dancing competition, I would respectfully pass on the offer. So how did I get here? Sandy Golub knew exactly what she was doing when she asked my girlfriend Olivia to rally up and encourage some brave men to participate in Dancing with the Giordano Stars. Sandy may not have known Olivia would be very willing to volunteer me… but, as usual, these lovely ladies got their way!


I was even more encouraged to participate after meeting Nan, the dancers, and past contestants. Listening to all the wonderful experiences from past competitions and learning about the amazing cause the event will benefit gave me the courage to sign up with no hesitation. Olivia was equally sold on the cause and volunteered to participate as well. For a great cause, I will swallow the embarrassment that can (and probably will) ensue. Unless you call leading the electric slide at my Bar Mitzvah or a brief stint of Humorlogy in college, I have never taken any formal dance classes. Now that I am competing against Olivia, with a LOT of help from the pros, there is no doubt I will be propelled to the winners circle, and all for a great cause!

When Jeff is not boogy woogying on the dance floor, he leads the Equity, Debt & Structured Finance Group at Cushman & Wakefield.  What does all that mean?  Essentially he finds money for owners and developers of commercial real estate, making him well suited for raising lots of money for GDC’s mission!  Originally from New York City, Jeff attended the University of Wisconsin – Madison, and shortly after graduating, moved to Chicago, which he has called home for the past 10 years.


Now that Chicago is home, he wants to do everything in his power to make the lives and experiences of its future residents the most enjoyable and fulfilling as possible.  By participating in this year’s DWTGS he hopes to help educate and train the future dancers of Chicago, just like he will need for this competition!