John Simpson started his professional life as a police officer in Los Angeles, which involved its own set of intricate dance moves.  After graduating from Williams College and Harvard Law School, he practiced law on Wall Street, entered the investment banking business and was Vice Chairman of a $30 billion hedge fund before returning to Chicago where he serves as a partner of Broadhaven Capital Partners, the leading investment bank and venture firm serving the financial technology sector.

John is passionate about Chicago’s civic and charitable community, serving on the Board of Lurie Childrens Hospital, the Regents of Loyola University, the Chicago Police Board and as a Commissioner of the Illinois Attorney Registration and Discipline Commission. He has in the past served as a member of the Boards of the Chicago Symphony Orchestra, the Los Angeles Philharmonic and Ronald Reagan UCLA Hospital. 

John is delighted to be invited to participate in GDC’s
Dancing with the Giordano Stars event.  His five year old daughter is an avid dancer (and singer, and horsewoman, and swimmer, and . . . ), and while he can’t keep up with her, his hope is that he can impress at least that most important audience of one.