My name is Sheri Passalino. My husband Jim and I live in Lake Forest but you might catch me calling North Carolina "home" (even though I moved here in 1984)! We have 3 daughters who all spent many hours in dance classes in their youth and now that I have agreed to this event, I wish I had paid more attention or even taken a dance class or two myself. The extent of my dance knowledge is that I learned how to "shag" in high school--and that is a beach dance, not a British slang term!! I attended my first Dancing with the Giordanos Stars last year to cheer on my friend, Pat Manus and was completely taken with the entire event. I was so impressed with the willingness of the dancers who took a chance WAY outside their comfort zone, but what inspired me was knowing that the money raised was used by Giordano Dance Chicago to introduce dance to young students in Chicago Public Schools.